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National Coalition for Dialogue with the Tribes of Afghanistan (NCDTA)

Established in summer of 2004, the Coalition was created by a core group of Tribal Elders, for the sole purpose of uniting all the tribes of Afghanistan as one. The Elders who gathered at the residence of Prince Abdul Ali Seraj, that year, requested him as a member of the only family in Afghanistan whose hands were not sullied with the blood of his people, as one who had not stolen from the nation and one who had a long family history of Afghan Kings, specially His Majesty King Amanullah Khan, the Victor of Afghanistan, must step forth and take responsibility to help deliver his people from the misery of the past thirty years. The council of elders elected Prince Ali as the President of NCDTA.

The foundation of the NCDTA is based on the premises that it is a movement of the People by the People and for the People. It stands on four pillars: Islam-Nation-Tribes-Independence. It is self-sustained and is not associated with any political party or supported by any foreign government. Registered with the Ministry of Justice, it is the only national, tribal movement in the country with offices in the 34 Provinces.

Since its establishment, NCDTA has become a true grass roots trans-tribal movement (Pushtoons and non-Pushtoons). It has a supreme committee of 11 individuals, 17 founder members and thousands of supporters from within every tribe of Afghanistan. It is wholly supported by the people within each Province.

Since its establishment, the NCDTA has performed the following services for the community and country:

  • Summer of 2007, together with Kandahar PRT and the Deputy Governor Homayun, provided food to over 30000 inhabitants of Panjwaii, when they evacuated their village before coalition forces drove the Taliban/Al Qaida out of the area.
  • Built over 300 homes for the needy in Shamali, Logar, Tagao, Katar Khak and Kabul.
  • Supplied school materials to over 60,000 school children
  • Helped in the rescue of the Italian photo journalist from the Taliban in Helmand. Received the medal of “Commander in the order of the Star of the Italian Solidarity” from the Italian President
  • Aided in the rescue of 150 kidnapped workers from the Taliban in Farah
  • Aided in bringing peace between the Barakzai and Noorzai tribes of Shindan when fight broke out between them.
  • Played a major role in the Moosa Qala peace initiative, between the Elders and General Thomas, in charge of Helmand British forces.
  • Put together a peace jirga between NATO officers (General Richards, General Van Loon, General Thomas, Canadian officers, etc) and 150 tribal elders from Kandahar and Helmand.
  • For a better understanding of the tribal norm, Prince Ali instructed ISAF/NATO service men and women on Afghan Tribal culture at the COIN (anti insurgency) Academy for the year 2008.
  • Hold daily meetings with Tribal representative from all over Afghanistan
  • Consult with Coalition and Foreign Legation representatives about Afghanistan security issues.

The NCDTA philosophy is that all Afghans, regardless of ethnicity, religion, color or creed, are one. They are all AFGHANS and the NCDTA encourages and promotes the view that the future of Afghanistan and the prosperity of its people are dependent on that common bond.

We are all, before self, before party, before tribe, Afghan first. Understanding that bond empowers the people of Afghanistan to forge a unified Islamic nation with a shared objective, within which all are free to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our past.

To make a better future Afghan First and Nation First must be the same thing and the NCDTA works to ensure, without prejudice for tribe or party, a harmonious balance within Afghan society as the foundation for peace and prosperity in the future.

Afghan first. Nation first.
Strength through unity

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